Offices in Richmond and Northern Virginia

Virginia and District of Columbia Bar Members

Marston & McNally has attorneys barred in both Virginia and Washington, D.C.   This enables us to facilitate clients needs across the region, which is particularly helpful for chain hotels, restaurants, and other retailers, or businesses that desire to sell products and services across state lines.  

Marston & McNally is available to assist clients with licensing issues anywhere in the United States.  Our firm can facilitate licensing for entities seeking to import alcohols into the United States, businesses ​that are relocating, acquisitions, and much more.  


Where We Work ​: Serving Clients in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Nationwide

Marston & McNally's primary office is located just outside of downtown Richmond, making us well positioned for important conversations with the leaders in the beverage alcohol regulatory framework. Attorneys Kevin McNally and Walter Marston are minutes from Virginia ABC Board headquarters, as well as the the State Capitol and state offices.  

Attorney Moira O'Brien's office is located in Fairfax, bringing the firm close to the U.S. Capitol, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, and to national level industry associations.  This also makes us easily accessible to clients with needs for a restaurant, brewery, vineyard, wedding venue, or other establishment in Loudoun or the surrounding counties.

Service Across the Nation