Whether it concerns licensing or litigation, compliance matters, or

corporate combinations, if your business involves alcoholic beverages

anywhere in the United States, 

the attorneys at Marston & McNally are ready to assist you.

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Virginia Practice

Marston & McNally has particular expertise in matters governed by the laws of Virginia.  Whether you are an industry member considering the establishment of a new business in the Commonwealth, or an established Virginia business seeking to safeguard or expand its presence, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide your company through the maze of Virginia's legal requirements.

We maintain regular contact with the Virginia ABC, and stay abreast of trends throughout the state that impact all of ABC's regulated industries.  Our lawyers know the importance of staying up to date on these matters, to provide the most accurate interpretation of the Virginia law, regulations, and prior ABC Board decisions.

​Tied House and Other Regulations 

  • Resolving franchise matters involving suppliers and beer and wine distributors in the state of Virginia.        
  • Advancing advertising and promotional issues through the maze of regulatory hurdles across the United States.                                                             ​
  • Providing contract, brand, and territory audits for distributors and suppliers.

Our Services

When clients believe they need an "​ABC lawyer," or a "liquor licensing attorney," they want to know that the practice they use has seen their issue before.  At Marston & McNally, beverage alcohol law is all we do, and we handle every nearly type of matter that arises in the regulated industry.  

Whether a client is looking for basic permits at the federal level from TTB, or needs a state mixed-beverage license, we can assist.  Our work ranges from large corporations undertaking complicated mergers and acquisitions to small businesses incorporating for the first time.  Whether a supplier, wholesaler, or retailer, we can help companies navigate the myriad laws and regulations that affect their segment of the liquor, beer, or wine market.  And, should it become necessary, we represent in enforcement matters and litigation, though we strive through best practices to help our clients avoid these outcomes when possible.

​At Marston & McNally, we do "liquor law."  We are attorneys to the beverage alcohol industry.  If you are looking for a team dedicated to providing focus and outstanding results to your company, let us know how we can assist you. 

Monitoring and Analysis 

  • Providing industry participants with national surveys of trends and developments in state liquor law and regulation.                                       
  • Providing industry participants with ongoing monitoring and analysis of critical litigation and legislation affecting the beverage alcohol industry.

Virginia State Legislative Practice
Marston & McNally is proud of its legislative and regulatory practice in our home state of Virginia.  Our proximity to the State Capitol and state offices, and our extensive legislative experience, allows our clients to be heard by Virginia decision-makers advised well in advance of trends and developments that could affect their businesses.

Marston & McNally has been at the forefront in the drafting of many of the legislative and regulatory changes that have taken place in Virginia's alcohol laws over the past few decades.  Our role in the legislative and regulatory process in Virginia means that our lawyers have a nuanced understanding of the laws that affect our clients' conduct of their businesses. 

​Business  and Corporate Services

  • Negotiating and coordinating mergers, acquisitions, brand swaps and other transactions between industry participants.                                                    
  • Counseling closely-held and publicly-held alcoholic beverage businesses on matters of corporate governance and business practices.

Licenses and Permits

  • ​Obtaining Basic Permits from the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. ​      
  • Securing state permits and licenses around the nation for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers of alcoholic beverages.                                                  


  • Representing clients in cases in federal and state courts, from the trial level through all appeals.       
  • Handling matters ranging from constitutional questions involving the Twenty-first Amendment and Commerce Clause, to contract and franchise disputes.​

Representation for​ Enforcement Actions

  • Representing clients in regulatory enforcement matters involving alleged infractions that jeopardize their businesses.